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January 2013 --Volume 5 Issue 1

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Top 5 Benefits of Summer Camp
Equestrian Program Continues Success
Win a Free Week of Camp!

Top 5 Benefits of Summer Camp

Do you think camp is still beneficial?

Many adults have fond memories of the time they spent at camp when they were growing up. Do you Calvin Centerthink camp is still beneficial for youth today? Have you ever asked yourself, "Why camp? Should I send my child to camp?" Here are the top 5 benefits of summer camp:

5. Your child will be active at camp.

As childhood obesity rate continue to climb, it is very important for children to remain active. When your child is at summer camp they have every chance to be physically active. There are games to be played, hikes to take, canoes to be paddled, and so much more to discover.

4. Your child will build his or her self-confidence.

When your child is at camp they are a part of a community that cares & supports them. They are given opportunities to succeed which helps them develop their self-confidence. There are non-competitive activities they participate in along with a variety of other experiences that help them increase their self-esteem and confidence every day.

3. Your child will learn social skills.

Through the community of summer camp your child will practice many social skills. They will share cabin space with other children, as well as space, chores, and time. They must agree to respect each other. Throughout their time at camp they will learn how to resolve disagreements, cooperate with others, listen to others, and witness the value of honest communication.

2. Your child will not be plugged into technology.

How long does your child go without playing or working with technology? Do you ever think they need a break from it all? Summer camp offers a place where your child can come, be unplugged, and experience real people, real emotions, real activities, and face to face communication. Your child will learn that there is a lot to do outside of technology.

1. Your child will learn & experience faith.

During their week of camp your child will learnabout and grow in their faith. Some will be introduced to faith for the first time, and learn about Presbyterian beliefs. There will be Bible Study every day led by chaplains from local churches in the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta. Along with Bible Study your child will experience conversations on what it means to be Presbyterian, worship, and opportunities to put their faith into action each day.

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Equestrian Program Continues Success

Snapshot of a thriving ministry

It’s 8am on a beautiful Sunday morning at the barn. If you are quiet, you can hear the birds in the trees and the crunch of a few horses in stalls eating hay. Outside in the pasture the other horses are grazing, taking a break from humans after a busy weekend. The quiet & peace of the barn is a vast change from the previous 24 hours there.

The day before, a Saturday, you would have seen cars, visitors, volunteers, and riding students bustling around in the barn, in the arenas, and all over Calvin. It was a busy time for the Equestrian Program, with a celebration of riding skills learned by students, volunteer groups coming, a PATH workshop being taught and a memorial benefit ride honoring the legacy of a dear Equestrian Volunteer (Sandy Nicholson). 

In all the activities, through all the noise and the crowds, from the volunteer groups to the trail ride one thing remained the same: God is there. Through the Equestrian Program, God continues to bring adults & youth from all walks of life together. The ministry that happens at the barn continues to touch the lives of countless people--one horse, one person at a time.

Thanks to all the time & effort from volunteers gave that weekend, everything was a success. Through the generous contributions of many, many people the Sandy Nicholson Memorial Benefit Trail Ride raised over $1,000.00 for the therapeutic riding scholarship fund!!

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You Could Win a Free Week of Camp!

Do you have a favorite camp picture from Calvin Center? Enter it in the Summer Camp Photo Contest on our Facebook page for your chance to win a free week of camp!

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