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If you are looking for a great place to hold your weekend church or overnight retreat, Unit 5 is a perfect setting for it. Offering a modern décor, high quality furnishings, and plenty of space for sleeping, meetings, and more, Unit 5 gives you more than “just another locale” for your overnight retreat; it gives you the potential for a memorable weekend, as well as a go-to place to return to over and over again. Trust us; it’s beautiful, enjoyable, and—most importantly—a place that you won’t ever forget.

Unit 5 has everything you could ever desire and more for an overnight retreat; here are just a few of the facets you can enjoy at Unit 5.

Sleeps 44

With comfortable bunk beds and multiple rooms and cabins, Unit 5 can host a mid to large size overnight retreat (up to 44 people, 11 in each of the four cabins)

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Large Meeting Rooms

If you are planning a church retreat for you and your faithful, the large meeting room is a great place to congregate. It offers room for up to 40 people to mingle, hold prayer, or simply relax; a must for a church retreat.

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