Summer Jobs


Summer Jobs

We are looking for around 20 dedicated young women and men, who want to make a difference in the lives of some fantastic children and youth.

What Jobs are Available?

How Do I Apply?

Follow the link below to download & complete the online job application.  

What are the Dates of Summer Camp?

Staff training begins in late May. Campers arrive on Sunday, June 7th. The last day of camp is in late July 3rd.

How Much Does it Pay?

Pay depending on experience and position.

How Long do the Campers Stay at Camp?

The week long programs begin when campers arrive on Sunday afternoons. Campers are then picked up on Friday at around 5:00. Each week we get a brand new group of campers. We have between 80 and 100 campers each week.

How Many Campers is a Counselor Responsible For?

Our program is a small-group-based model. “Family Groups” are made up of 7 boys and 7 girls, a male and female co-counselor pair who do all their activities together, building a community and getting to know one another. There are nightly all- camp activities such as counselor hunt, pool party, campfire, etc. Each week counselors are assigned to different age groups and placed with different co-counselors.

How Much Time Off Do I Get?

Summer Staff are off duty from the end of staff meeting Friday evening until staff meeting on Sunday afternoon. Each night after dinner, during Pavilion Games staff assigned as cabin counselors have time off together.

Is There a Required Uniform or Dress Code?

Shorts, t-shirts, sneakers, sandals with a back straps – whatever makes you comfortable in the summer sun. We do provide each staff member with a Calvin Center staff shirt to be worn when campers are dropped off and picked up. Summer Staff are expected to wear clothing that does not contain inappropriate language or promote alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products. While at the pool, male staff wears swim trunks, and female staff wear one-piece swimsuits.

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