Calvin Center (known then as Camp Calvin) opened its property in 1960 for two weeks of summer camp. Today placed on 536 acres in beautiful rural Georgia, Calvin Center is a year-round conference center offering a welcoming sanctuary for re-creation and Christian nurture.

Below is a brief timeline that highlights a very small view of all the experiences Calvin Center has facilitated in its existence.

  • 1958: Presbytery of Greater Atlanta breaks ground on Camp Calvin
  • 1960: First summer camp at Camp Center.
  • 1960: Jack Stevenson is named as first director
  • 1964: Geneva Lodge is completed
  • 1964: Neil Pugsley named director
  • 1970: Inner city youth day camp at Calvin
  • 1971: Mel Davis named director
  • 1979: Conference Lodge is completed
  • 1982: Fritz Orr named director
  • 1990: Dan Donaldson named executive director
  • 1999: John Hicks named executive director
  • 2000: Camp Calvin renamed to Calvin Center
  • 2000: High Ropes Course installed
  • 2001: Equestrian program began
  • 2001: Global Village created
  • 2006: Unit 4 renamed to Hicks Lodge
  • 2007: Paul Fogg named executive director
  • 2008: Common Soul/Sole started
  • 2010: Calvin Center Celebrated 50 years of experiencing!
  • 2013: Calvin Center separately incorporated

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13550 Woolsey Road
Hampton, GA 30228