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The Interim Pastor Training program is designed for Presbyterian Clergy(PCUSA) sensing a call to interim ministry and those inquiring about this ministry. Committee on Ministry members and presbytery staff members will also find this 5-day conference helpful.  This Presbyterian Interim Pastor Training course offers an excellent opportunity for leaders to hone skills such as how to say hello and goodbye in healthy ways, to help congregations heal and gain tools for understanding their congregation.

Training sessions at the conference include 30 hours of classroom instruction with plenty of time for personal attention.

Dates: January 25 – 29, 2016

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This is what people say…

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Meet the Faculty…

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Level 1 Course Content

Participants will be introduced to and reflect on:

  • Leaving Well
  • Transitional Task
  • Congregational Life Cycles
  • Mission Studies and Tools to Accomplish Them
  • Leading the Process of Change
  • Preaching in Transitional Times
  • Dealing with Difficult Decisions
  • Community Networking
  • Church & Personal Finances in Transition
  • Staying Healthy & Whole
  • Entering the Church Family

 Interim Pastor Training Faculty

Joel Alvis Joel Alvis is a Presbyterian minister, author, church consultant and leadership coach. Since 2004 Joel has served as interim pastor and head of staff in congregations facing various leadership transition challenges. Joel finds that this ministry is one where encouragement is practiced, well-being is developed and functionality is required.
Tim Rogers-Martin
Tim Rogers- Martin has served as interim pastor in churches ranging in size from 100 to 1,000.  As president of Spirited Strategies, Tim consults with churches and governing bodies in transition. Tim’s passions in the field include leadership, worship, strategic planning, stewardship, and building momentum in interim times.

Special Guests

  • Tom Tewell, Macedonia Ministries
  • Clark Simmons, Board of Pensions
  • Jane Hubbard, Church Consultant
  • Denis Greene, The Stewardship System
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