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High Quality Accommodations

The Conference Lodge is one of the larger conference facilities on site, and can accommodate adult and family groups. Big, beautiful, and set in the rolling hills of Atlanta, Georgia, these amazing conference facilities provide companies looking for a great locale for a business retreat the most perfect accommodations imaginable. It is perfect for large or small meetings, and is certain to help keep everyone entertained during the entirety of their stay.

Adjacent to the Dinning Center and just off the lake shore, the Conference Lodge offers a large meeting room (60’x 38’), plenty of conference space, and 24 double occupancy hotel bedrooms each with a private bath. The fireplace is just one of the many conversation areas in the large lobby that you will enjoy. Other features include our continental breakfast area, outdoor terrace and wireless internet service throughout the handicap accessible lodge.

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This is one of the best conference facilities around for hosting a company retreat, or even just a large business meeting. With so much conference space, plenty of living room, and a host of features to make any retreat a smash hit, the Conference Lodge is perfect for almost any business occasion.


These hotel rooms feature updated decors, comfortable beds, and beautiful sights of the surrounding countryside. There are also beautiful private bathrooms in every room, making these some of the best accommodations onsite.

Two Large Meeting Rooms

Truly, here at the Calvin Center, we do our best to make you comfortable on your company retreat, and that means providing the best conference space, conference facilities, and most comfortable living quarters around.

WI-FI and AV Equipment

All your AV needs are included (LCD Projectors, PA, Flip Charts…)

Just 25 Miles From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Do you need shuttle service to and from the airport? Calvin Center recommends the following companies:

Greater Atlanta Airport Shuttle, 678-851-7063
Daytime Transportation, 770-939-2337

Want to Check Availability?

Would you like us to give you a call? It will be our pleasure!

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